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Meme--assigned from rlg

1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

1. Jane Smith- Mr. and Mrs. Smith--sorry, just watched it last night.
2. J. - Will Smith from Men in Black
3. Jabberwocky- poem by Lewis Carroll- used to have the entire thing memorized.
4. Jimmy Olsen- Clark Kent's sidekick
5. Justin- character in my sister's book Not Your Father's Horsemen by Valerie Griswold-Ford (see Val, I'm helping!  Free advertising!) 


Silly meme

Your result for The Imaginary-Job Employment Test...

Leprechaun Hunter!

23 Humor, 19 Skill and 18 Morality!

Wow, you're a difficult case.

You scored right in the middle on EVERYTHING, so we really had to work on finding an imaginary job for you.

By our calculations, you'll need a little luck to get ahead... that's why we think you'd make a good leprechaun hunter. All you have to do is move to Ireland and keep a watch out for anything small and green! The beauty part is, they'll do the rest...

Just remember not to trust them when you catch them, and you'll be raking in pots of gold in no time....

Take The Imaginary-Job Employment Test at HelloQuizzy



This is for all the fencers on my friends list.  Also, feel free to send other fencers over here to post as well.

I'm trying to collect different formats for fencing tourneys.  I'm asking you to post your favorite or most original tourney that you either came up with or fought in.  Please tell me how it was organized and I'll apply credit to you.  I'm trying to put this together both for my own benefit and for others.



Gave notice

I gave notice at work yesterday. Pissed off my boss and the liason (standing in for the new office manager until she starts). Well, can't say that there would be a good time for me to tell them I'm leaving.

The boss asked what he could offer to make me stay. I gave him a number for my salary, but I don't think he's going to go for it. Doesn't matter anyway. Time for me to go back to my field.

Lost friends

Hail to all friends of Mutante Lord of Clan Reese Retired Medieval
Mercenary Dark Age of Camelot.

Mutante has bid us all farewell. As we share this news with you the
Valkyrie's are filling Mutante's cup, as he is sits next to Odin, in
the halls of Vallahalla.

This is a forward I recieved this morning before I went into work. Mutante passed away on Tuesday, 10/7 from natural causes.

He was a good friend from my Stonemarche days and was very good at intimidating the guys who flirted with me when I was a teenager. He wasn't hard to miss on the heavy list field, standing about 6'7" and was fun to party with.

Mutie was always great for a hug and I looked forward to seeing him every Birka so I could catch up with him.

It's hard to say goodbye.


Dancing with the Stars: Season 5!

Yeah, I'd admit it.  This is one show I'm absolutely hooked on.  

The women look much stronger as a team then the men this year; although the men do have some good competitors.

I love watching the dances getting more difficult and seeing the progression of skill.  I'll honestly admit I am horrible about critiquing the dancers as well. :)  

I'd love to take ballroom and Latin dance classes, but unfortunately my schedule doesn't really allow for it right now.

So, I think I'll be cheering for Jane Seymour because she's so elegant and classy; Mel B because she looks like she'll have fun like Laila Ali did last season.  Helio is definitely a front runner with Julianne Hough as his partner and then it'll be a toss up between Mark Cuban because he had fun and the model (can't remember his name) teamed up with Anna.


Last night's fencing practice rocked! We had quite a few people show up--unexpectedly, but it was great! We were crowded!

I was a little apprehensive seeing as it was about four weeks since I've actually fought (at Pennsic I only participated in one battle and didn't get in any pickups). But hey, I didn't suck! I was definitely rusty, but that can get better.

For everyone who showed up and are on LJ--thank you!! Sorry I didn't get to fight everyone, but we only had so much time.

Can't wait for next week!

Opinions please

I've been doing a little research online for decent footwear for fencing. I'm leaning towards getting a pair of spiffy boots. However, they HAVE to have good traction so I can fight in them, as well as just look pretty.

I stumbled on www.scaboots.com. The boots look decent, they're inexpensive, and the treads seem okay (pictures under the men's boots). Has anyone here on my list ever ordered from them? Otherwise, does anyone have any recommendations for good boots?



I was showing some of my co-workers pictures from Pennsic and remembered a phrase I heard frequently last week, courtesy of Diego:

"Whatcha doin'?"
"Whatcha doin' it with?"
"A hammer."


Celtic Rock

I've been very entertained lately. I've been scrambling to finish making garb for Pennsic (I leave Saturday) and so have been putting on music that will help me accomplish that.

I've found myself reaching for my Celtic music and it's an entertaining mix of classic and modern celtic music. Glengarry Bhoys are right next to the Irish Rovers, Loreena McKennett are being followed by Dropkick Murphys. But, I want to expand my horizons. I greatly enjoy the Celtic punk that's been developing, but I grew up singing along with the Makem brothers. So, what other bands are out there?

What kind of Celtic music do YOU listen to? Any recommendations? Why?




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